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Luxury Candle Care Set- Matte Black

Luxury Candle Care Set- Matte Black

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Keep your candles in check with this brushed brass candle accessory set. Optimize the longevity of your favorite home fragrances, with our 4 piece set. Set includes a wick trimmer, snuffer, wick dipper, and tray. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them. Makes a lovely housewarming and/or host gift.

Color: Matte Black

4 Piece Set: Stainless steel with brass

Wick Trimmer: Designed to maximize your candle's performance, by guiding you to trim the wick at the correct length before every burn. Trimming the wick encourages an even and clean burn and helps eliminate soot and black smoke.

Wick Dipper:  Use the dipper to hook the wick and extinguish the candle by dipping the wick in and out of the melted wax. The flame will go out with no smoke or soot. Also, use the wick dipper to adjust the position of the wick and ensure an even melt.

Candle Snuffer: To safely extinguish your candle, simply hover the snuffer over the flame as close to the melted wax pool as possible.

Tray: A safe and chic place to keep all of your candle tools when they aren't in use.

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