"that SUNDAY feeling"

"that SUNDAY feeling"

Living in an pandemic and working from home [(a few months shy from a year)-written November 2020] has taught me the true essence and importance of self-care.

Self-love. Recharge. Reset. We are all deserving of it.

To live and work in the same space (which has been such a Blessing, for me, because I am a true introvert) has forced me to tap back into my favorite hobbies from childhood, which are creating home/self-care essentials. 

This is where by / mara st. FLEUR sprouted from.
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"that SUNDAY feeling"
When I light my candles, I get that Sunday feeling. Shower water flowing with the eucalyptus leaves draped over the shower head. Self-care feeling all around. My Sundays begins with a Spiritually filled morning, which slowly transitions into the neo-soul toons playing early afternoon, giving myself that self-care love. A clean and sage home for of vibes. Let's not forget that good ole Sunday Dinner (centered around the dining table) filled with love, laughter and great family/ friend-mily conversations. A warm lavender scented epsom salt bubble bath waiting at the evening with a face mask on. Resetting your mind for the week ahead.  That's the feeling it gives me.

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[protect your mental health]


xx Mara,



by/mara st. FLEUR Staple Candle "Ivory"

(Originally written November 2020)

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