How to Dry Brush? | Benefits of Dry Brushing

How to Dry Brush? | Benefits of Dry Brushing


I was blown away when I learned about the benefits of dry brushing. My immediate thought was, "why haven't I started this sooner!?". This ancient practice, also known as garshana, has been an integral part of ayurvedic medicine for centuries. I have come to find out that very few know about the satisfying ritual of dry brushing your skin and how very therapeutic it can be!! There are so many great benefits. Dry brushing has become something I have incorporated into my daily self-care routine. 

Dry brushing increases your blood circulation and promotes lymph flow and drainage. Apart from stimulating the lymphatic system (internal detox), this tool can also revive tired, dry skin and improve the body's overall circulation. 



If you want that glowy, radiant skin, the practice of dry brushing is beneficial for your skin. When you dry brush, you’re exfoliating away dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smoother and looking more radiant. Ladies, who doesn't want this? Dry brushing literally adds only minutes to your morning or evening routine. With all the benefits it offers, why wouldn't you start now. Your body will thank you for it.


The Sisal Dry Brush treats and prevents ingrown hairs, restores smooth skin, improves the look of cellulite, and improves your skins ability to absorbs creams and oils for moisturizing.



  • Dry brush before you take a shower in the morning or evening. This allows you to rinse off the exfoliated skin right away. 
  • Starting from your feet, brush up towards the heart using small, firm strokes. 
  • Brush from ankles to knees on both legs, then knees to thighs. 
  • Brush your stomach in clockwise strokes to help stimulate digestion. 
  • Then, brush your arms, starting with the wrists and moving up to your shoulders. 
  • When you reach your chest and upper back, brush down—because you’re always brushing towards the heart. 
  • Remember to go over the same areas multiple times in gentle strokes. Practice daily for best results.
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