Get Your Gua Sha On!

Get Your Gua Sha On!

Get your gua sha on!

Let me start off by saying, the Gua Sha Stone is an ultimate must have for your skincare routine. For someone, like myself, that's highly into skincare this tool is a game changer! Because I LOVE everything makeup and wear it often, taking care of my skin (facial) is very vital and important to me. Self- care has truly helped improved my mental health. Something as simple as giving myself an at- home mini facial, not only is therapeutic but calming and makes me happy. Especially when I see the results. 



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Our Gua Sha Stones, creates healthy skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage, detoxifying skin tissues and boosting blood flow to feed the skin from within. 


📢Calling all pregnant women!! Currently being 5 months preggers with hormonal changes, pregnancy has caused my face to breakout in tiny rashes. Implementing the Gua Stone into my morning routine has improved my skin for the better. Less breakouts/ rash or flare ups. Gua Sha is a game-changer for healthy, glowing skin.


Gua Sha, pronounced "gwa-sha", is a healing technique that uses a smooth edged stone to promote better lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, and decreases inflammation. Though I have had Botox, some claim it works even better than Botox for their skin. It lifts, plumps and sculpt, and reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. It also helps in clearing blockages, buildup of toxins and excess fluid, and increases the flow of oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin. 


The Gua Sha technique can easily be added to your morning or evening skincare routine. 
1. First, cleanse your face and prep with preferred serum.
2. In a press-and-stroke motion, use your gua sha stone along your neck, jawline, cheekbones and forehead.
3. Target specific areas of your concern. such as the brows, under eyes and smile lines.
4. Wash your stone with soap and warm water after each use.
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